ZEROCLASS DRIFT is heading to Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park for the third and final Drift Matsuri of the year.

But, theres a twist. Instead of pumping out another three or four day event, we have condensed everything down into two massive days and taking over the entire circuit, split into two tracks for drivers to enjoy.

The amateur to beginner group who once had a single day to get involved will now have two on the club circuit, and for the advanced drivers will now have the opportunity to drift on the national circuit and take on both tracks in the afternoon.

Even better, we have made the entry cheaper. Yep, thats right, for our Taupo based Drift Matsuri - as the hire prices rise we have gone the other way as a trial to offer you more value and hope it opens up more doors for people to drive from the South to make the hike North!

Drifting from 10:00am til 6:00pm (potential for 9:30am start pending driver arrival times)

Driver Entry starts at $370 for TWO days, click here for more information
Spectator tickets will go live shortly, powered by iTicket

Zeroclass drift