The Future of ZEROCLASS

Since 2009, The Zeroclass Co. has undergone some preeeetty crazy transformations.

Starting as a small two man drift team, running a couple of low key drift events for the boys out there killing it on the style front, through to late 2012 where I [otherwise known as Picket] decided to take my turn at designing a few tee's.

We took it to Australia for abit before moving back to NZ in 2014. One thing which has ultimately proven to be - lets say, a learning curve, was trying to steer ZeroClass away from our fairly deep roots in the automotive/drift scene. Although throwing out some pretty lit tee's such as the tattoo'd plank, watermelon crow etc it was more aimed at the nightlife / skate scene and even though we love kicking it with the homies, our designs and vision kinda lacked what we were really about [kinda niggly]


Which is where we are now, nearing the end of 2017 we have decided it's time to strip the company RIGHT back to basics and get in touch with who we truly are [aw cute guiz]

Doing gnarly shit with the homies, keeping track of the latest insane car builds nationally and worldwide and basically getting saucy with some wild driving!

ZEROCLASS - Luke Whittaker

We will now be aiming ZC to be one of the main hubs for EVERYTHING automotive styled and the epicness that is the growing grassroots/competition drift culture worldwide, while becoming more involved through out the scene internationally [we'll touch on that at a later date]

DW though, with the above going on, we haven't forgotten about all of ya'll out there wanting fresh threads! a fresh series tee's are being crafted together while we speak - with the first batch being pieced together in our very own fabrics of choice. With planned first release being little over a month away at Locktoberfest 2017 - Drift Matsuri NZ!


We're finally feeling super inspired to bring you guys the best we can give you. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to where we are today. Bring on the next few years to come, they are going to be HUGE.

ZEROCLASS - #InspiredByTheStreets
Automotive Style x Original Goods

Until the next blog post, see you soon!



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