Drift Matsuri is renowned as being one of the best drifting weekends on the calendar, but our main priority is to ensure you can enjoy the weekend and go home safe, excited for the next.

Please scroll to see the desired track below for a list of requirements at that specific motorsport track

PLEASE NOTE: Taupo Motorsport Park is now owned by Hampton Downs and as such have put their safety regulations in place. This includes Frontal Head Restraints in caged cars. Non Caged/street cars is foam donut only.

**Amendments 30/06/2022 to exact wording from TMP/Hampton H&S plan that we have just received, these are the same as previously mentioned just condensed for your convenience**


"Factory Standard Vehicles
  • Lap and diagonal belt
  • Donut
  • Approved helmet
  • Fire retardant race suit
  • Closed footwear
Modified Vehicles:
  • Min 4-point harness
  • FHR (Neck Restraint)
  • Approved helmet
  • Fire retardant race suit
  • Fire retardant racing boots
  • Fire retardant race gloves
Please note: No lap diagonal belts are permitted in caged cars, or cars with specific bucket style race seats.
Passengers are required to adhere to the above PPE requirements and are only permitted in caged cars with adequate side intrusion bars."


Defintions of vehicles (Drift Matsuri's interpretation)

  • Factory Standard vehicles can be viewed as street cars, interior and factory standard fuel system (no surge or external fuel tank modifications which could put yourself and any passengers at additional risk)
  • Modified Vehicles are viewed as track cars with roll cages.
  • Stripped Vehicles uncaged cars that are stripped will be viewed as a factory standard car, however we recommend gloves and boots as an extra precaution to make sure you are covered on the day

Ruapuna Raceway, Christchurch

All Cars

Single layer race suit minimum (no karting suits)

Motorsport Helmet (no motorcross helmets accepted)

Motorsport Gloves

Motorsport Boots (recommended)

Closed in footwear minimum



Non-oil stained cotton workshop overalls okay

Motorsport Helmet

Motorsport Gloves recommended

Closed in footwear minimum