Exhibitor Information

ZEROCLASS DRIFT® welcomes expressions of interest from local businesses wishing to promote their products at our events, requirements are different between venues but please find a brief overview below.

Non-competition restrictions

Any sponsor that associates with ZEROCLASS DRIFT® or DRIFTMATSURI® instantly gains access to exclusivity to promote their product at our event, this excludes clothing only unless otherwise specified. Contact us regarding sponsorship and marketing packages.


All marques and gazebo's must be tied or weighed down with specific gazebo sandbags, if your stand is placed on grass you must pin this to the ground. We recommend tying your site to an additional weighted object i.e. wheel or car

Public Liability

All exhibitors must have some form of public liability insurance to cover their activity at an event, in the event of an accident happening with your stand. Contact us for info as we are here to help.