Vehicle Checklist & Basic Scrutineering List


    • Tow hooks clearly identifiable front and rear
    • Working Taillights/Brake lights
    • Catch Cans, no venting straight from cam covers - minimum of 0.5L catch can
    • Check oil lines and connections for leaks - Triple check these
    • Check fuel lines and connections for leaks - Triple check these
    • Seats mounted firmly with 4 points of contact.
    • Harnesses/Seatbelts attached appropriately
    • Fire Extinguishers - 1kg minimum, mounted securely within reach of driver.
    • Alternate fuels - If you're running Methanol, C16 or any other complex other than a pump gas. You will need to provide a fuel specific fire extinguisher. Why? Check at the bottom.
    • Roll cage is not required to enter, but is required to take passengers. No need for homologation but cage must be to a high standard. Half cages, ideally must have side intrusion.
    • Check wheel nuts are correctly torqued after each session and after replacing tyres. 4 stud = 4 wheel nuts, 5 stud = 5 wheel nuts. No exceptions.
    • Bonnet pins/latch secure
    • Battery - Securely mounted, if re-located it must be inside a battery box. Note: Dry-Cell is fine exposed.
    • Exhaust positions - Must exit no sooner than behind the front door to eliminate exhaust gases entering the car. Note: Please point this downward with a bend to avoid spraying our marshals with excess fuel.
    • Exhaust db - Keep it reasonable, throw a resonator in.
    • Wastegates out bonnet/other alternative way - please keep the pipe no longer than 40mm-50mm out the bonnet

    Advanced level
    One thing we have, and most likely always will promote, is the present-ability of the cars that attend the advanced level events. We understand everyone is on a budget, a little effort really does goes along way. We don't ask alot but if you are attending an advanced event please try your best start the day off running the following:

    • Headlights - if not, headlight covers
    • Bumpers - man up and run them, they look better on rather than sitting in the pit garage.

    If you have any questions feel free to send us a message via the "contact us" link in the main menu.