Drift Matsuri - Tutoring Days!

Drift Matsuri - Tutoring Days!

You’ve gone to some track days, and have picked up a car, it’s time to get to a track day, except you’re keen to pick up a little more skill before venturing out into the world of regular track days?

Welcome to our very own beginner/novice drift tutoring school!

On Monday November 27th 2023 we are hosting our very first date where we will transform the Hampton Downs Club Circuit pit area into a safe testing ground for those keen to learn the basics and progress a little faster than at an open track day where you are left to your own devices, with the help of tutors with over 10 years experience in the hot seat.

We will have 3-4 instructors on site, where you can ask them questions and talk about everything drift on the day. Those who enter will also benefit from having a world of knowledge provided by these instructors before and after the event who are OG tutors of our Drift Matsuri Beginner Amateur Days.

What you will learn, these will range from basics to slightly more advanced techniques later in the day.

Theory & explanation of the techniques, and vehicle setup advice in the morning, followed by practical.

  1. Doughnuts
  2. Clutch Kicks
  3. Handbrake turns
  4. Transitions
  5. Figure 8s

Followed by linking it all together at the end of the day with a mini circuit for you to tie it all together ready for your next track day or tutoring sessions!

Your tutors and helping hands on the day will be:
  1. Ben Rice
  2. Shane Windley
  3. Tony Hennessy
  4. Chris Howard

The morning will have drivers seperated into two groups, each with their own zone to practice on.

We are opening this to only 15 drivers for this exclusive event, at a very low introductory cost of $359, with further dates in 2024 to range from $440.

What you will need:

  • Minimum requirement: Your own drift car with coil overs, a lock diff and a working handbrake. A Heavy duty clutch is recommended but not essential. 
  • Bring your own tyres changed onto wheels (feel free to ask if you are unsure on how many, this will be based on your vehicles power level)

To enter, simply register via the link in our main menu. Alternatively, contact Chris at drive@driftmatsuri.co.nz

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