Winter Drift Matsuri 2018

Winter Drift Matsuri 2018

Winter Matsuri was off the chain. Rad cars, Good times and hanging out with the dudes is always a vibe we can't get enough of.

Drivers from as far south as Christchurch to the tip of NZ traveled to the central township of Taupo to take part in the second Drift Matsuri of the year at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park.

Dan Hannett from premium drift workshop "GENESIS MASSIVE" was out to destroy as many tyres as possible in his freshly tuned 2JZ Mark II. Follow their journey and builds here

 Winter here in New Zealand always holds a special place in our hearts for these kind of events, with the sun setting in the early hours of the afternoon means we get around 1 to 1.5 hours of twilight drifting before a quick session in darkness shuts the track down.

Lets be honest, Drift trains were bound to happen. Image by: Neptune Photography


TWO ROOKS were out in force keeping everyones thirst in check with their premium cola!

TWO ROOKS® is the latest cola company to emerge in New Zealand and supports grassroots drifting to it's very roots, super smooth and an old school taste makes it super good on it's own or as we like it, as a premium mixer for the old Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum! Yeeew! Available at BP Connect nationwide. Pic taken down in the South Island @ another event run the same weekend called "StreetMeat Glory Days"

Friday was a chance for beginner to novice skill level drivers to get out onto the Short course dubbed "Track 3", with Saturday to Sunday being set aside for the intermediate to advanced skill group to turn the track into a hazy mess.

Alex Griffin from TP Boys Drift changed his alignment part way through the day after chasing some steering gremlins. His 700hp(+) BARRA powered S15 is always a favorite bouncing off the limiter.


Troy Jenkins from Team Jenkins Motorsport made an appearance in his recently completed 2JZ GT86 build, we were sad to see the old S15 go but this thing is next level! You can follow their journey here 


We are pumped on the support from everyone for New Zealand Drift Matsuri, it's a huge task bringing these events to life but you all pull through and make it bigger and better each year. It's all worth it to see everyone out there enjoying themselves and we pride ourselves on bringing the best grassroots drift days this country has to offer.

Zeroclass DRIFT Winter Taiketsu (showdown) is the next event on this years calendar. We will update you on all details in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

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