Events: Vehicle Safety, Scrutineering and Driver Safety Gear

Please see below a list to check over on your car leading up to an event. This is a representative of all events.

Overview of Driver Safety Gear for Winter Matsuri, increasing standards will apply for Spring Matsuri 2020.

We want to keep everyone as safe as possible and want drivers to enjoy themselves after a post lockdown period. We also understand some funds may be tight, so with this in mind we will implement small affordable changes for Winter Matsuri, with more features to come for Spring Matsuri.

Overalls –
Drivers and passengers will be required to wear cotton overalls (with no oil stains) as a bare minimum, otherwise single/double layer racesuits. Racesuits will be compulsory leading into future events for drivers, cotton overalls for passengers as a minimum.

Gloves –
You will be required to wear a form of car racing/karting glove glove in cotton/nomex/suede/leather. We have been advised that the polyester options should be okay but note this is not as flame resistant as the others.

Try Flamecrusher, Allport, Vortex or Chicane
Can get these for around $80-130

Helmets –
Race helmets with a visor preferred (no balaclava required). Open faces and MX helmets will be accepted on the provision that you wear a fire proof balaclava underneath it. MX helmets will be phased out for Spring Break Matsuri.

Shoes –
Covered shoes will be okay for this event, however Race boots may become the standard for future Drift Matsuri/ZCD events.

So as a summary:

1. Cotton overalls bare minimum
2. Motorsport Gloves (excl Nylon)
3. Race helmet with visor ideally, otherwise MX/Open face okay with a fireproof balaclava for Winter Matsuri (MX banned Spring Matsuri onwards)
4. Covered Shoes

Other notable mentions for car safety is the addition of a form of firewall to seperate the cabin from any exposed aftermarket fuel source in the boot spraying fuel in the event of a fire. This can be metal or perspex.

If you have any questions feel free to send the team a message via the contact tab.

Driver Safety Gear

Minimum of cotton overalls or single Layer Race Overalls, Race Gloves and Helmet with a Visor. To be extra safe and give yourself valuable seconds in the event of a fire, go for a two layer race suit.
Single layer kit will typically cost you $500, Two Layer kit will cost around $900.
Vortex have Laybuy option which means you can buy now and pay later.

Roll cages

These are not required to enter a grassroots level event, but they are required to take passengers (with the exception of private beginner tutoring events).

Full cages for passengers only, half cage not acceptable unless they have side intrusion.

Homologation is not required, but the cage must be to a high standard.

Weld in - full, clean welds all the way around the pipe. Built to homologation standard (using correct thickness piping, pipe size)

Bolt in - please ensure all bolt in points have a matching sandwich plate on the underside of the vehicle. Nylocks used.


Check fuel lines and connections for leaks at fuel tank and rail - Please triple check these.

Check oil lines and connections for leaks at turbo and ensure all lines are heat protected in correct sleeving where required - Please triple check these.

Catch Cans are a requirement, no venting straight from cam covers as this is a fire hazard - cars must have a minimum of 0.5L catch can.

You will be fined a minimum of $200+ if your car dumps oil onto the track and effects other drivers track time due to down time.


If you're running a fuel other than a pump gas or e85, you will need to provide us with a fuel specific fire extinguisher and have an easily identifiable fuel type sticker on your windscreen/side windows in the event your car catches fire.

Aftermarket fuel systems i.e. fuel cell or surge tank setups must be seperated from the cockpit. A fuel firewall must be fitted to increase the amount of time you have to exit the car in the event of a fuel fire.



Securely mounted and clamped into position, if re-located it must be inside a battery box. Note: Dry-Cell is fine exposed.

Cable terminals must have tape around them.

Kill switch within reach of the driver, pro cars please have this externally mounted.


Exhaust positions, Must exit no sooner than behind the front door. While we do not promote it, if your exhaust exits out the bonnet please keep this to a maximum of 100mm out the bonnet.

Exhaust exit length - No longer than 250mm past the rear bumper or exit point. Please do not show up with an exhaust half a metre out the rear bumper. It is a safety hazard for people walking around your vehicle and may also get clipped by other drivers.

Noise limit, please keep it reasonable. To quieten it down, install a resonator or have your exhaust bent at the ground so it will disperse the noise along the ground.

External Wastegates

When venting external wastegates to atmosphere please ensure they exit at one of three positions.

Dumped straight below the car

At the rear or side of the car

Venting out the bonnet - please keep the pipe no longer than 40mm-50mm out the bonnet.


Headlights or Headlight covers

Working Taillights and Brake lights, minimum of a light strip positioned on the rear screen.

ALL panels, including a minimum of factory bumpers

Bonnet pins/latch secure and working as it should.

Tow hooks clearly identifiable front and rear.

ALL wheel nuts present and done up tight, double check before each session. 4 stud = 4 wheel nuts, 5 stud = 5 wheel nuts. No exceptions.


Fire Extinguishers - 1kg minimum, mounted securely within forward reach of driver. Extinguisher must not be cable tied to the bracket. Ideally under the drivers seat or positioned on the gearbox tunnel.

Seats mounted firmly with all 4 points of contact.

Steering wheel mounted with all boss kit screws correctly fitted with no cracks or abnormalities in the wheel.

Harnesses/Seatbelts attached appropriately using standard belt mounts or correct eyelets.

Make sure all holes in the firewall are covered with the appropriate fireproof tape to increase the time you have for fire to enter the car in the event of a front mounted fire.


Scatter plate must be fitted to your car in the event your flywheel or clutch exits stage left. We would prefer you remove yourself from the car with legs intact in the event of an accident.