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Get ready to experience the ultimate rush at Drift Matsuri's revamped event! We're taking things to the next level with a track redesign that will have drivers shredding their tyres like never before. So grab your crew, stack up your tyres and join us for the most epic drift event of the year!

With the skyrocketing cost of everything these days, we're committed to making sure you get maximum value for your money with never ending track time for you and your friends to enjoy!


But that's not all! Drift Matsuri is putting it on with a first time FULL International Circuit drifting across multiple sections on Saturdays main day and our kick back "Sunday Sessions" Club Circuit day the following day!

Saturdays Main Day features a new reverse drift section that will put your skills to the test tacking Club Circuit in REVERSE up into the new drift section linking both circuits together into one XL lap! All drivers must register for approval on our website.

  • Pro to Intermediate Skill Level Only
  • Full Weld In Roll-Cage Required (No Homologation needed for Matsuri Sessions)

Sunday will feature the Super Royale Drift Tournament on National Circuit and Drift Matsuri Sunday Sessions over on the Club Circuit - Sunday Sessions will run Club Circuit in a mixture of the OG Layout and Reverse Layout (Drifting up onto the back straight)


To compliment the on-track action, Drift Matsuri has Street Food trucks, Merch, Hotlaps, Hardpark & more! DJs will be playing house & hip hop bangers across the weekend in the new Spectator hub & Winter Bar Zone!




Get ready for the ultimate motorsport showdown with this fresh Drift Competition! Super Royale NZ Drift Tournament is an all new competition to the New Zealand stage.

Super Royale Drift Tournament Run Down

24 Competition drivers are paired against each other in a randomised, computer generated pairing system. Removing the need for qualification. The ultimate match up of skill.

At Super Royale, we've taken the competition battle tree to the next level with our HYBRID battle tree that includes Redemption Rounds. In addition to the traditional competition, drivers who lose their first battle in the TOP 24 and TOP 12 will have the chance to redeem themselves in head-to-head battles against other losing drivers.

By winning Redemption Rounds, the finalists awarded with Wild Card #001 and Wild Card #002 awarded access back into the Super Royale Battle Tree.

This ultimate test of skill and determination will showcase just how badly drivers want to be crowned Champion on the first ever Super Royale podium. So come on down and join us for the most epic competition this Winter!

Drivers Eligibility

Super Royale is exclusive to any PRO through ADVANCED skill Level drivers with proven battle ability and skill. All drivers apply via the official registration form!

Tyres: Cars are able to run up to a 265 Rear Radial, Semis Ok up front. Opening up even closer battles for everyone to enjoy and keep it more affordable for all!

Computer Generated, Randomised Battle Pairing = No Qualifying!

To add an exciting twist and NO qualification, drivers are placed into a random pairing generator on the morning to provide the structure, giving drivers who lose their battle in the Battle 24 and Battle 12 (Top 24/Top12) bracket a chance to fight their way through redemption rounds to earn one of two “Wild Cards” and a coveted spot in the Wild8 (Top 8) Bracket.



But wait, there's more! The stakes are high at this competition with a grand prize of $2000 in cash up for grabs. Second place won't be too shabby either, as they will take home $1000, and third place will receive $500. And that's not all - there will be additional bonus awards on the day, adding even more excitement to the competition!

With so much at stake, you can expect every driver to be pushing themselves to their limits in a fierce battle to come out on top. Get ready for an intense showdown of talent, determination, and skill as drivers fight for their chance at the coveted prize money and bonus awards.



Don't miss your chance to witness the most thrilling drifting action in New Zealand with our refreshed event for Drift Fans and Drivers!

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