Event: Special Stage Drift 2022

Special Stage 2022

Special Stage Drift 2022 is a unique, New Years event put on by NZ Drift Matsuri for everyone to enjoy at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park on Saturday January 15th.

You can expect all your favorite Drift Matsuri vibes!

  • Drift Motorsport on BOTH circuits
  • Public hardpark area
  • Wet Skid Pan
  • Cruise sessions #FASTPASS

Along with good music and food to keep you going through out the day!

A great day out for everyone to enjoy with friends.


Covid Frame Work

At time of writing this, we will be going ahead under the current traffic light guidelines.

The dreaded question - do you need to be vaccinated?

The answer, at this current point in time is NO, we will have all appropriate precautions in place to allow all our fans to attend without discrimination. Please note that spectator tickets may be limited for this reason to fall in line with whereever guidelines are at.

What happens if the frame work changes? we work vigilantly with venues to create safety protocols to go ahead under the guidelines given to us. In the event we are unable to go ahead or you are unable to attend, we have a refund policy in place to cover this.