After a brief hiatus, we are proud to announce the return of the track days that started it all. Open, flowy track days for those wishing to get out on track with friends, meet new ones and enjoy a wholesome days drifting at Hampton Downs amazing facilities.

Time schedule
7:30am - Gates Open & Driver Scrutineering (form one line outside race control)
9:00am - 9:15am Drivers Briefing outside race control
9:20am - 12:30 Drifting Begins
12:30pm - 1:00pm Lunch break
1:00pm - 4:30pm Drifting Begins
4:30pm - 5:00pm potential overtime
5:30pm - Venue gates closed

Grouped Sessions

  1. Amateur + Novice
  2. Intermediate + Advanced
  3. Pro + Advanced *caged vehicles only*

Pricing: $295 Full Day

Loyalty Program: Save $20 if you attended the last Drift Matsuri!

Standard protocol applies - No tandem unless you have entered in pro class / No tandem unless agreed with other driver / Wait for the car ahead to clear turn 1 before leaving the line up.

Passenger bands can be purchased at race control, the price for this is $20ea. H&S sign in is required before receiving your band.

Safety Equipment Required

All gear must meet SFI or FIA safety standards. This includes -

  • Motorsport Helmet (not MX or Road Bike)
  • FHR/Foam Collar
  • Single Layer - fire retardant race suit, ensuring no oil present
  • Gloves
  • Race Boots

Please note: ALL Passengers must have the same safety equipment as the driver to access the track.

More information can be found here

Frontal Head Restraint / Foam Neck Collars

FHR are mandatory for all drivers in vehicles that have a 4 point harness or greater. There are various options available including Hans, NecksGen REV, Impact, Accel or Simpson Hybrid. All of these are acceptable.

  • FYI: When borrowing an FHR ensure your helmet has the correct clipping mechanism to match.
  • Hampton Downs has limited supply available for hire, please arrange with them directly before the event to avoid missing out

Foam Neck Collar - for all other vehicles fitted with a standard lap and diagonal 3-point belt system – a foam roll / collar is acceptable.


Vehicle Tech Inspection & Regulations

  • Clear Windscreen
  • Clearly labelled tow hooks for recovery
  • Seats fixed correctly
  • Seat Belts or Harnesses fitted correctly
  • 1kg Fire Extinguisher securely fitted with M6 bolts
  • No leaking fluids i.e. Engine, Gearbox, Diff or Power Steering
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Working Taillight/s
  • Rollcaged & uncaged vehicles welcome
  • Side intrusions required for passengers
  • Rear Fuel Firewall (external fuel systems only)

More information can be found here

Upcoming changes we are working towards from December 2023 onwards

  • Working Headlight/s (factory or aftermarket component)
  • Working Hazard Lights

New entrant to our days or have any questions/queries?

Please contact chris@driftmatsuri.co.nz with a cool image of your car for our records (excl. screenshots) and skill level so we can best group you, alternatively contact Chris via text message +64278276657

Safety / Recovery / Fire / Ambulance on site

Conditions: Please note your booked dates are not transferable. All entrants are strictly supervised throughout the day. Hampton Downs Motorsport Park reserve the right to refuse or revoke any entrant at anytime. Should any extinguishers be used, the cost for re-filling will be charged on to the driver of the vehicle. Please read through the event Rules and Regulations for your safety and that of our other attendees on the day.  Hampton Downs rules state NO DOGS are permitted on site, please do not bring them and do not leave them in your vehicle.


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SAT 19th August - Hampton Club Circut