Please read the following carefully so you are aware of what is expected of you at any DRIFTMATSURI® or ZEROCLASS® DRIFT event.

All drivers, passengers and anyone entering onto a circuit must first sign our official waiver to protect yourself and us as promoters.

Circuit Damage

Please avoid dirt dropping - this isn't just for grass appearance. This is due to when ditches occur creating a much higher chance of rollover. Along with the edge of the circuit asphalt breaking away when the grass/dirt edge is compromised.

If you think you will be going onto the grass, please hug the inside clip where possible and ease off the gas or correct your line to suit. Continuous offs will result in a warning followed by a fine upwards of $200.

Smoking and Vaping
No smoking or vaping permitted unless out by the grass car park area or viewing platforms.

Absolutely no smoking in or near pit garages and any fuel containers.

Track entry/exit
Enter the track at one end and exit at the other, this is a one way rule, do not go in the wrong way unless stated it is safe to do so by an official.

Do not speed, max of 10km/h through pitlane. Excessive speed through the pits will result in a stand down period during the day.

If you have hired a pit garage it is expected that -

The area will be left in a clean respectable condition upon leaving
Any oil leaks to have oil soak placed on top of it immediately, if there is none in your pit area seek help from an official
No smoking at any time inside the pit bay, please use the allocated area
No fuel cans or drums to be stored in sheds overnight


Red flag or light at start/finish line or red light displayed anywhere on track – immediately start reducing your speed while checking behind you for cars that may not have seen the red flag, and slowly continue around the track to your nearest stop/start point. Do not continue drifting until the green light is turned on.
Yellow flag or light displayed anywhere on track – immediately reduce speed, do not overtake except the car which has stopped or slowed so as to cause the yellow flag or light and do not return to speed until you have passed the green flag or light following the yellow.
Black flag waved/pointed at you anywhere on track - Caution flag, gradually reduce speed. Waved at you as a warning that you have either done something unacceptable or there is an issue with your car. Return to pit area to main marshal point or stop/start point for more information.
Chequer flag displayed at any stop/start point on track -  drift session has ended, do not continue drifting. Complete a cool down lap and return to pit entry.

Oil leak
If you lose oil pressure please pull off to the side of the track to the grass to avoid dropping further oil onto the circuit
If you notice someone dropping oil, inform an official of the car or the driver directly.

Substantial oil drops will result in a $200 fine if it is caused by negligence i.e. loose oil lines or failed fittings.

If you believe you have a fire drive onto a sand trap or pull over to the side of the track (remain on the asphalt to avoid the grass catching fire)
Under-bonnet fire, do not open completely to avoid fueling the fire with air, crack bonnet and spray fire extinguishers in the direction of suspected fire

Take all used tyres with you. You will be charged $50 per tyre if you leave these behind. We have crew constantly monitoring the pit area.