Welcome to an all new New Zealand Drift Tournament by Drift Matsuri! The Super Royale! 


Drivers - See below for any information you may be looking for.


Please note: Some small bits and pieces may change at any time so please check back or email us with any questions or queries to, this is a quick information release for the many drivers asking at this time.



There is no qualifying. Drivers are set into a randomised, computer generated battle tree on the day, offering more time for battle practice and overall track time.


Super Royale is a new drift motorsport tournament to New Zealand and we are putting up some epic prize packs for our selected 24 Drivers (we have built out a 32 bracket in the event it is required)

Prize Money

1st Place, $2000!

2nd Place, $1000!

3rd Place, $500!

Paid out in take home Cash Money! Alongside trophies and awards on the day!

Additional Prizes

Super Royale Winner #1

Custom made trophy, Gold plate with laser etching spot to place your name on award post event

Super Royale 2nd & Third Place

Custom made trophy, Silver & Bronze plate with laser etching spot to place your name on award post event.

Super Royale Steel Anodised Wild Card

Purple Anodised, Super Royale Wild Cards with Super Royale laser etched design and event date, awarded to the Top 2 Redemption Drivers. Numbered #001 and #002. 

Wild Card Winner #001 Bonus

Driver who collects the most points in the Redemption Rounds ALSO Wins a Cash Bonus of $200!

Wild 8 Bonus Prize

Special Workshop Flag given to those who make it through to the Wild8 Bracket, signed by all Super Royale Drivers in the morning with silver ink.


ALL drivers must be to a competitive battle standard to enter, in some cases video footage may be required to accompany your entry for review. This competition is not for everyone. Only the Top 24-32 drivers will be selected.

Vehicles can be of any power level, any drivetrain selection and any angle setup they want (as long as they meet MSNZ standards). 

Super Royale is about driver skill and epic battles with 265 Rear Radial Limit and front tyres as an Open Bracket (Radial or Semi Slick)

Please note: (TBC) Some tyre brands may be excluded from being classified as being a Radial due to compliance issues. Super Royale Crew will check each pass to ensure that the rear tyres are compliant with our list of eligible tyres, however these will be the usual suspects.

In the future or with enough interest and support, Super Royale may look at a separate Semi Slick division.



Super Royale consists of a Hybrid, Dual Battle tree system.

24 Drivers are paired against each other in a randomised, computer generated pairing system. Removing the need for qualification. The ultimate match up of skill.

Battle Tree #1 is Super Royale being the main card, followed by a second, Redemption tree where drivers that lose their first battle in BATTLE24 and BATTLE12 are slotted in to battle their way back through for their chance at the SUPER ROYALE #001 title, awarding the top two drivers with ONE of TWO WildCard spots in the Wild 8. The driver with the highest redemption points wins an additional $200 cash bonus!

The ultimate match up for drivers to showcase how bad drivers really want it, and redemption for their chance of Glory on the Super Royale Podium.

Battle Order for the day as follows:

Super Royale BATTLE24

BATTLE24 Commences

12x Battles overall

12 Drivers Advance, 12 Drivers Seeded into Redemption Round #1

Redemption Round #1

6x Redemption Battles consisting of 12 Drivers seeded from those who lost in their Top 24 Battle

Computer Generated, randomised pairings.

6x Winners advancing into the next Redemption Round.

Loser knocked out of the competition

Points are generated within the Redemption Rounds, the driver with the highest generated points within the rounds at the end of the tree is awarded with one of only two Wild Cards as a prize for campaigning their way back up into the Super Royale Wild 8!

WildCard Winner Guidelines for when multiple drivers have the same points allowance.

In the event, 1x Driver has the highest score, they will receive the WildCard #001

The other two lower ranked drivers must battle against each other in a grudge match for the final WildCard #002.

In the event 2 or more drivers have the same amount of points, all drivers must battle each other in a round robin for 1st/2nd spot.

I.e. Driver A vs Driver B, Driver A vs Driver C, and Driver B vs Driver C

The overall winner will advance through and be awarded the WildCard #001 Bonus.

Super Royale BATTLE12

BATTLE12 Commences

6x Battles to determine those who go through to the quarter finals

6 Winners Advance through to fill six of the eight spots in the Super Royale WILD8 / Quarter Finals

Losing drivers from these battles Seeded into Redemption Round #2

Redemption Round #2

6x Redemption Battles consisting of 6x Advancing Drivers from Redemption Round #1 vs 6x Drivers seeded from those who lost in the BATTLE12.

Please Note: Battle pairings may be computer generated and randomised so no driver can “lose” in their Top 12 battle on purpose knowing they may be paired against any particular driver.

6x RR2 Winners advancing into the second to last Redemption Round.

Loser knocked out of the competition

Redemption Round #3

3x Redemption Battles between those left in the Redemption Round

3x Drivers advance to the FINAL Redemption Round for the two remaining spots in the Great 8.

Losers knocked out of the competition

Redemption FINAL - Double Elimination

The driver leading into the FINAL with the highest generated points in the Redemption Round is awarded with the first of two WildCards available to obtain access back into the Super Royale Wild 8! The other two remaining underdogs will battle it out against each other, with the WINNER taking claim of the final remaining WildCard.

In the event multiple drivers have the high score they must compete in a round robin to determine the winner of WildCard 001

These winning drivers are stacked with the remaining Super 6 to form the Super Royale Wild8


Drivers in the Super Royale tree battle their way through to the Top 6, accumulating points throughout the day, develop top points in super royale table.

Super Royale Wild 8 to be a traditional Single Elimination Round, with drivers advancing into the Semi Finals and the losing driver eliminated from the competition. 

Drivers are seeded based on points accumulated or pairings randomly generated.


The top drivers will go head to head for the crown of the first ever Super Royale Drift Tournament!


In the event of drivers being knocked out of the competition beyond the Redemption Rounds, they are still able to go drive within the traditional Matsuri format all inclusive of your Battle entry