Growing up as a heavily automotive inspired kid like many across the country, once I got a taste of the japanese car culture around the age of 15, the one magazine for all to envy was the New Zealand Performance Car magazine.
The countries best cars, event coverage and more was blazon across its freshly printed pages and I think we speak for everyone when we say it is [and still is] one of the pinnacles of the performance car scene here in New Zealand.
Fast forward 10 years and Jaden from NZPC got in contact with us, mentioning they had been keeping an eye on the build progress of our shop car "Bruce" [Mazda FC3S RX7] with where it currently sits and would love to give it a small feature. Pumped!
So we sent through a bit of information and some pictures, expecting a minor feature, what we didn't expect was a FULL page with the RX7 sitting pride of place on page 123
ZEROCLASS // Bruce The RX7 // New Zealand Performance Car Magazine
What makes this even cooler is that it is the 250th issue! with a stack of epic content spanning including our friend Fritz Leaning's newly built quad rotor FD3S RX7 and more.
Make sure you go grab this issue as it's got some epic reading 🔥we're looking forward to getting a before and after @jaden_nzpcmagazine 👀 thanks to everyone who has chipped in up to this point [instagram handles attached]
  • Roll Cage and future finishing touches to the fabrication by @genesismassive 
  • DK1 bolt in Dog box and drivetrain being taken care of by @wags_gotbox 
  • Seats & Harnesses @racetechseats 
  • Custom V-Mount Intercooler set up and steampipe exhaust manifold @invisiblemanracing
  • All Turbosmart gear and DW fuelpumps @nstparts
  • Full catalogue of arms and solid bushes @partsshopmaxnz 
  • Couple more bits like potentially a Haltech or Link ECU and dash, what are your guys thoughts?
Hopefully we can have it atleast sitting pride of place at New Zealand Summer Drift Matsuri 2018!